Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Books and Eatballs

Because I'm an addict and I have no self control, I got another book at the library when Dan returned one of his. I've been dying to read The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl, but didn't want to buy a book when I have so many in progress or waiting on the bookshelf to be read for the first time. But with a whole building full of free books that you don't have to keep on your own shelf for very long, who could resist? Plus, with my recent breakup with a different book, I needed a rebound.

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. The prose is weird in some way that makes me keep having to go back and reread stuff. I guess it's good to have a book that requires some effort (it has been a while), so I'll keep going. It's not like it's bad; it's just different somehow. And I was pleasantly surprised to find out the story takes place in Boston!

Dan said my box of vintage crochet books came in the mail today! Good thing I didn't extend that promise of no new projects past the weekend! It's getting time to start Christmas presents anyhow, so I have no choice but to start new things!

It's not like I never finish anything, either. This weekend I worked on my giant scrapghan and finished the knitted polar bear and Dan's Transformers dishcloth (which he refuses to get wet). I'm also four rows (or maybe more if I decide that's not enough) away from finishing the stripey scarf (which I'm convinced is a dud because the "wrong side" is so obvious).

The S'n'B on Saturday was lots of fun. There were only four of us, and I think we did more B-ing than S-ing, but we also ate lotsa good Eatballs (they're just like meatballs) and listened to (or, for some, sang along with) plenty of fabulous '90s music. And blame Shannon for wearing such a great shrug that now I have to start another project. I wish there were one extra evening in the week just for a more regular yarn-based get-together.

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Danielle A. said...

Thanks to you guys for listening to me vent about my crazy family!!!