Monday, September 24, 2007

Please don't kill me!

I bought yarn at Goodwill in Bangor this weekend. It was $7.99 for the bag of about 20 skeins. That, in itself, would be a bad deal, but there were also about ten pairs of needles in there (including a 4-piece set of size-1 DPNs!), a few of which I already have, but there were plenty of new sizes and lengths in there, too. I casted on a sideways garter-stitch scarf (200 stitches on one needle makes for a crowded needle, I'll have you know), and I got a few rows done on the way to the thoroughly-Maine wedding.*

I also casted on the star scarf on the way to Maine on Friday. It was extremely complicated (too complicated) to be knitting in the dark, but after a few starts and re-starts and finding a way to pinch a small flashlight in the glove compartment while I held it shut with my foot, I was able to see enough to keep on knitting! I have one whole star done, and four of the six rows before I start the next star.

At Goodwill I also got a book of Arabic phrases and English translations ($1), a first-edition copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child ($2), and a knitted wool GAP sweater ($5). I made out like a bandit. (Dan did, too. You should see his new Superman pajama pants!)

Other than that (and lots of Tim Hortons), nothing too exciting happened. We did lots of driving. Oh! And my mom gave me home-grown pumpkins, onions, corn, cantaloupes, and watermelons! I'm going to try my hand at freezing melon balls.

We got back from Maine with my Dad's big ol' truck (Dad's a lifesaver!) around 1:00 pm yesterday, shared a "slice" of Sal's Pizza, and then headed to IKEA. We bought a couch, a bookshelf, a coffee table, new dishes, and about $100-worth of other stuff we didn't plan on buying: a pointless but cool-looking lamp, a plant, cloth napkins (at least we're saving the planet!), a desk lamp, baskets for under the coffee table, a toilet-bowl brush, lingonberry preserves, and a weasel doll (Dan spoils me!).

Tony and Shannon invited us for dinner, then we were back at the Chelmsford condo around 9:20. We discussed upcoming small-group stuff with John and Laura, and Priscila fed us swirly scone-things (my coworkers are chowing down the leftovers). We put the couch together (putting a couch in a cart and taking through the check-out line is funny), and left around 10:30 pm. We have a crap-ton of work ahead of us, but the truck should make it a cinch!

In retrospect, this entry really deserves some pictures. I'll work on that later.

*There were mullets, little pickles in a pile, a keg, and people who brought their own beverages (Sam Adams Octoberfest, a homemade brew, and some kind of mixer and hard liquor at the table next to us).

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Danielle A. said...

Is your entry title because you bought yarn? ;) No sweat. :)

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Sorry we didn't get Dan's call yesterday... Steve's phone stinks. :P