Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nice melons, Yarn Lady.

All (well, kinda) of my yarn is on my yarn shelf in the new casa! The "kinda" is because it doesn't all fit. :-| The yarn I bought at Goodwill put me a little over the top, so much so that I needed to start a White Section. There aren't any cubbies left for a White Section, so I crammed the white into a container with the Funky Colors I Was Using for a Scarf Thingy That I Probably Won't Finish Section. (I was just trying out the pattern, anyway. The whole thing was pretty noncommittal. I may still start over with more normal colors.)

I also cut up the cantaloupes into little chunks and put them in the freezer on cookie sheets. (This keeps the chunks from sticking together as they would if they were frozen in the container they are to be stored in.) I have to buy freezer bags (though I hate the thought of owning plastic bags) to keep them fresh long-term. Next is corn, so I can use more bags for that.

Dan and I watched the second episode of Heroes last night and shared a whole [overpriced because we have to pay for the convenience of CVS, which we can practically touch from our living room window] pint (hee!) of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

Then we went home, showered, and I got in trouble for packing more when I was supposed to be getting ready for bed.

Dan took the whole day off today to move more stuff and to tie up other loose ends (possibly buying a new ferret cage, getting our mail forwarded, etc.).

I did the last load of laundry this morning. It was sad.


Danielle A. said...

A lot of places (i.e. Bed Bath & Beyond) are selling freezer-safe containers now. If you invested in something like that, then you wouldn't have to worry about buying plastic bags. :)

Kimberly Pye said...

Sweet! I'm there!