Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Things

We agreed to rent the condo in Chelmsford. It's a lot smaller than the apartment we're living in now, but we're looking forward to the downsizing. This condo also has the benefit of being owned by good people we know won't treat us like crap. I absolutely love packing up boxes and moving. Maybe it's because I never got to do it when I was growing up. Of course, the yearly moves we've been making are far from the traumatizing moves a child may have to make, but it's still just as much of a hassle (and I just happen to like the hassle).

Dan and I went to a book swap at the Athanas House on Saturday night. I borrowed a book even though I was sure I would leave empty-handed. The last thing I need is another book to add to the physical queue (especially just as we're getting ready to move). But, Sinai Circle is a symbol of change for me. I'm beginning a process of self-improvement the day we move in, so another book for the I-Read-A-Lot self is just fine. (Why I think it's possible for the I-Read-A-Lot self and the I-Crochet-A-Lot-And-Learn-New-Techniques self to co-exist along with I-Cook-Every-Meal-And-Go-To-The-Gym-
Every-Day-And-Keep-My-House-Spotless self [and all the other selves emerging with the move],* I have no idea.)

The Crochet-A-Lot self is very, very happy about crossing the 1000-mark on the Ravelry waiting list. There are only 878 people in front of me. I imagine I'll get the invitation this week. Along that same line, I discussed the mysteries of double knitting with Shannon at the book swap. We both saw this pattern on Craftzine. I'm pretty taken with the stars, but I may have the star morph into something else a la Escher. If Shannon, who is not so taken with the stars, makes the scarf, she may try something more free-form. I'm looking forward to giving this insanely magical method a try and seeing what Shannon comes up with. If the method is as addicting as I expect it to be, it's on to more free-form patterns for me, too.

I felt so darn skinny this morning from all my calorie-counting and gym-visiting (and despite the ungodly amounts of cheese and Chinese food I've consumed as of late), that I wore a sweater I bought for my Pittsburgh trip last semester (when I was quite a bit skinnier than I have been lately). I think now I have the confidence to clean the fat-clothes out of the closet, which is good for morale, and it makes moving a little easier.

And we've come full circle. Time to close.

*I have a feeling a casual blog such as this is really no place for parentheses within parentheses. Anyway, there's also the Become-A-Better-Leader (via Excellence in Leadership, which I never finished) self, and the Read-The-Bible-More self, and the Get-Organized self, and the I'll-Probably-Fail-At-Most-Of-These-But-Oh-Well-
At-Least-My-Intentions-Were-Good self.

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Danielle A. said...

Wow... a lot of your selves are similar to the selves that I also would like to work on. Though... I can't say as I've worded it the same... ;)