Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chinese Medicine

Taking three iron pills a day could kill me,* so I'm not doing that. For now, I'm taking only one pill a day until I get me to a Chinese pharmacist.

I've been doing some research (Dan did the research that said I would die), and I've decided to start a regimen of licorice root and ginseng. 5-6 grams of licorice root capsules per day (or 250-500 mg of concentrated extract three times per day) for three weeks (because that stuff will kill ya too if ya take it too long), then Asian ginseng (not American; it must have ginsenoside-RG-1) at a dose of 80 milligrams per day for six weeks.

I expect to see drastic improvement in the quality of my sleep, my energy level, and my ability to concentrate throughout the day. (Note that I don't even care if this is all a load of crap and the only reason it works is because of some kind of placebo effect. Does it matter why it works? No, it does not.)

I'm also willing to try acupuncture. Maybe I'm leaning toward giving up on "real" doctors altogether.

*Have I mentioned how disappointed I am with my experiences at Nashoba Valley Medical Center? I'm thinking about writing a letter.

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Danielle A. said...

Hopefully you'll find something that a) won't kill you and b) will work.