Thursday, September 06, 2007

All I really want

So that's why she never emailed me her address so I can send her some presents...

Dan's sister dropped out of college, I've been told. I'm sad about it, but as soon as I found out, I started scheming. "Hey, Jill, wanna just move here and get a higher-paying job and live with us?"

The ideal situation would be if she went to UMass Lowell and lived with us. Living in dorms kinda sucks, and I think she would like college a lot more if she didn't have to live with a stranger. A person can pretty much just mind his or her own business if living off campus.

I'm pretty stuck on the idea of having someone live with us. I don't just want to shack up with some pals, though; I want to bring some poor soul from Maine here to see how great it is and to help 'im or 'er out a bit by allowing 'im or 'er to leave some problems behind and start over.

I've seen all the apartments on craigslist, so I've moved on to houses and condos. As soon as we can afford it, I want one. It will have at least two bedrooms so anyone who wants can stay with us whenever he or she or they want(s) to.

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Laura :) said...

that's great! Have I told you that John and I have moved on from housese to 2 families? We are seriously considering buying one to rent out to people we know for a low cost. John's sister and brother-in-law might move into it if we did it. :) yay for some sort of community living!