Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tres Años

August 7, 2004.

Today is our third anniversary! The original plan was to get married this year, but then we decided waiting till I graduate from college would be way too long and completely unnecessary. So instead of starting a new job and looking for a place to live and planning a wedding, here we are! It's been a fun three years!

Yesterday evening, while I was curled up in bed fighting salmonella bugs, Dan went downstairs to tell the landlord we're moving out and to ask about using our deposit as the last month's rent (we'd probably never see it otherwise). He was a-okay with that plan, saying, "You guys've been good to me; I can be good to you." I'm not sure what that means, since we haven't really gone out of our way for him at any time. Maybe he's just glad we haven't reported him for what he probably does with some of our $850 every month or for screaming at his kid all the time.

Commence house hunt. We seem to be leaning really hard toward renting again (unless we can get our act together even more quickly than John and Laura did--more about that below). It's almost pointless even to look now, since most listings are for immediate or September-first move-in. We'll have more luck as September approaches.

I saw pictures of the new Haven House* this morning. It's humongous! I'm so genuinely happy for them, but it's a shame they're moving into a condo three minutes from our apartment on the very same day we're moving out of said apartment. Sounds like a big moving party! Everyone's invited!

*Or the Haven haven, if you will.


John said...

Just rent another apartment in the same neighborhood. Or, there are pretty nice condos for sale right across the street.

Whitney said...

Happy anniversary!!

Missy (and Austin)'s blog said...

Hooray for getting married young!

Danielle said...

Happy Anniversary (a couple of days late, but Happy Anniversary anyways!)!!