Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ten-fitty? You nutz, sucka?

$1050/month. 2 bedrooms plus extra space. W/D hookup. Dishwasher. Carpets. No pets.

Seems almost perfect, doesn't it (except for the no-pets part)? When we got back from the gym last night, this is the sign we saw on the bushes outside our apartment. That's $200/month more than we're paying (and some poor sucker still has to pay $300/month for heat)!

Maybe they're charging extra for the mice, ants, broken heaters, antiquated thermostat, leaky fridge, pot smoke, and screaming at kids from downstairs they didn't know they had when we took the place for $850.

It sure will be nice to leave that horrible apartment at 614 Westford Street (at the corner of Foster Street) in Lowell, MA.*

I attempted to make a circle sweater. Art Man tried on a couple of scaled prototypes, but he wasn't thrilled with either one. One was too heavy, and the other was all wonky because my theory didn't work out so well. Back to the drawing board.

*(If you have searched for this address and have found this blog useful in deciding whether or not to rent this space, please leave me a comment. I'd be delighted to know I've saved you from a poor experience and a huge waste of money.)


Danielle A. said...

Come on! That's a bang-up deal! Totally!

(Have you guys had any luck on a new place yet?)

Kimberly Pye said...

We haven't fallen in love with anything, but we're still looking. We have options if time runs out, though.