Friday, August 03, 2007

Progress all around

I put eyeballs on the octopus when I got home from work. Dan showed him off to Tony and Shannon at dinner.

At the Astolfis' house we had a Thai Peanut/Green Salad mash-up that Shannon pretty much invented herself. It was insanely yummy. I really think I could have eaten the whole bowl myself. After dinner, Shannon and I (well, I picked the mint leaves off the stem and suggested we thaw the watermelon on the Chicken Defroster setting of the microwave) made Watermelon Mint frappes.
Their new apartment is so open and sunny. I like it. We looked at sock books and I showed Shannon how to double crochet a circle while Tony and Dan played music on their stringed instruments. I gave Fyodor another arm (now he's a lot less creepy) and started on an ear.

This morning, Dan had breakfast with his still unnamed octopus.
And when I left for work, I saw my first gladiolus! I grew it from a bulb my mom got from her gladioli.
This week went by very quickly. I think I'm starting to get used to working full time. I usually make the most of my evenings, and going to the gym on a regular basis is already yielding results (as if I had any reason to think it wouldn't. Sheesh.). I weighed almost three fewer pounds this morning with all my clothes on than I did butt-naked at the beginning of the week. (TMI?)


Danielle said...

Yay for progress!!! :)

Dan said...

I'm looking pretty "pre-coffee" rough there, but my octopus looks wide awake already.