Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just do it right, would ya?

Not too long ago everyone left the first-ever SnB. Now I know why they exist: they're awesome. I had absolutely no reason to get up from my crocheting (except to get cake), and I could sit there all night long and gab away till the cows (or Dan) came home.

Marie brought her cousin Nina, which and who was super cool. Three people canceled out on us, so there was more than enough food, space, and air time. Nina brought a sweater she had started, and her bravery (ah! DPNs, circulars, and baby-soft yarn!) encouraged me to get over my sweater-fear and start the Unseamly Sweater from Happy Hooker.

I just finished frogging the whole thing because I got it in my head I needed an extra large, and when I tried it on half-way through completing the waist section I realized only the Queen of Putrescence would wear that bulky acrylic thing. (Ain't nobody's butt lookin' good in that sucka.)

So it's gone. I'll start over later--with the right yarn and the right hook. It's not a total waste: I learned that sweaters are not a thing to be feared, and now I know that pattern is super easy and I can make a sweater anytime I want as soon as I get the right yarn.

Danielle made fabulous meatballs. Here's the secret family recipe: meat, eggs, bread crumbs, and spices. Whoa. I guess some people just get meatballs. I do not get meatballs. But as long as I know people who do, and they are willing to let me keep extras in my fridge for later, I will survive.

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Danielle A. said...

Any time I make meatballs, you're more than welcome to some of the extras. :)