Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I have this theory...

In a college psychology class a few years ago, I saw pictures of what the brain looks like when it's being smart and when the body is being used for physical activity. The area covered and the temperatures looked quite similar. So my theory is that the jock stereotype has its base in science. A person can't be active and smart at the exact same time.

I think I'm pretty smart, but this explains why I like MTV when I'm at the gym (and other times when I'm working out regularly).

Yesterday, at the gym, I watched The Real World.

When we picked up Nathan at the airport last week, I saw a girl wearing a sweater that looked like a giant lace circle with a garter stitch border. The "top" of the circle was folded back bit to make a collar, and the "sides" of the circle were pinched together under her arms to make little sleeves. It wasn't a perfect sweater, but had an elegantly relaxed look.

Nowhere on the whole internet is there a pattern for such a thing. All I need is a lacy circle pattern. This, too, is difficult because many of the patterns are for intricate lace shawls. So I've decided to wing it. Tonight I will start with some acrylic yarn and a crochet hook and see if the pattern I've been designing in my head all day actually works. If it does, I'm buyin' me some real nice yarn an' makin' me a fancy one.

If it doesn't work, I can always use a big hook and some dc stitches and make a regular ol' circle. It won't be lacy, but it will be even warmer and still quite enviable. A different-colored border will make it snazzy enough.

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Shannon said...

I have a pattern! I just got a book that has 3 or 4 ways to make a circular shawl! !!! I hope you haven't finished your circle already...