Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy 102nd Month-ersary!

We may have been getting married today if we had waited till I graduated. August 17th is the half-year mark between the actual anniversary of when we started dating (February 17, 2000).

We wanted to get married this weekend three years ago, too, but the 17th was on a Tuesday (inconvenient day for wedding guests), and my Dad had something planned the weekend of Friday 13th (our second choice for wedding dates), so we got married on the 7th instead. So really, if we had waited, we wouldn't be getting married this weekend either because my Dad is doing the exact same thing this weekend that he was doing three years ago.

Anyway, it's been 102 months since we were officially a couple, and they've been a darn good 102 months.


Dan said...

Wow. 102 months seems incredible. I couldn't possibly imagine life without you. Thanks for making the last 102 months worth living, every single day of it.

Danielle A. said...

Congrats, guys!! :)