Friday, August 24, 2007

Freak Out Session

I went to work yesterday after having Red Bull and coffee (not mixed together) for breakfast. To no avail: I felt the same all day.

After lunch I was so tired (and sick of being so) that I couldn't stop crying. I dried my tears and carried on with my work. But then I started crying again. I cycled through this process multiple times before the crying got out of control, and I couldn't stop. I was like a grown-up baby with tiredness to scale. I just wanted to sleep!

Dan came on gmail, and I mentioned just walking over to the doctor and making them fix me (I scheduled an appointment for the sleep doctor on Sept. 13, but I would go legally nuts if I waited that long). As soon as I mentioned it to him, the idea was cemented in my mind. I quickly said goodbye and walked over.

I explained to the lady at the front desk that I was there two days ago, I've only gotten worse, and I'm so tired, and I'm scared. She said she'd fit me in.

The jerks put "Anxiety Attack" at the top of my chart. That's not what it was; I just wanted some freaking sleep that actually works.

I spoke to the R.N. who works there (not the head doc, Dr. Peterson). After lots of probing she finally decided I wasn't depressed--thank you, people! No, I didn't get depressed in all that time between the last time I was here and this visit, when the other doctor (read the chart) also decided I'm not depressed--and asked Dr. Peterson to come in.

They conferred in my presence and decided I should have an EEG and a CT scan of the head. I may have a lump in my brain somewhere that's pressing on the get-some-rest part, or I may be having little seizures I don't even know about.

Dr. Peterson called the sleep doctor right then and there and explained the situation of "a 23-year-old girl in my office with a sudden onset of profound fatigue...sleeping doesn't help...perfectly healthy...has an appointment with you next month...would like her to see you sooner..." He wrote "Monday 1pm" on a notepad in front of him and gave me a thumbs-up. Dr. Husain agreed I should have the other two tests.

More blood work was ordered, I think just to rule out stupid things they pretty much know I don't have (mono, some other virus, etc.), but they didn't have one of the tubes they need to do a test, so I have to get it done at the hospital. Monday, after Dan takes me to my consultation with Dr. Husain, I'll go wait in line to ooze some blood.

In the meantime, I'm under "medical evaluation" and can't return to work until Tuesday. I can't imagine I'll have any answers (and therefore, solutions) by then, so I don't see how I'll be able to function at work by then. I'm rather bummed about this because on Wednesday we're having a scavenger hunt and pizza party. My parents are coming sometime Thursday, and I took Friday off anyway, so it looks like next week will be rather odd. Maybe I can get a note to work just half-days. Then, just as my fatigue is peaking, I can drive home during lunch-time traffic on I-495.

As I left the doctor's office, Katherine, the R.N., said, "You did the right thing coming here." I was glad because I was pretty sure no one was too thrilled about the girl walking in in the middle of a full-blown freak out session.

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