Monday, August 13, 2007

All over the place.

I was only supposed to stay an extra hour on Friday, but I stayed four extra hours. We still didn't finish the book, so I took pages home with me for final proofing. I got some extra vacation time for it!

I edited when I got home, at the concert, on a picnic table at the campground, on the couch, and at Panera (where I could use the internet to look up financial aid information). Editing outside of the office is far superior to editing inside the office, I do declare.

Great Big Sea was fabulous, but that was the weirdest group of people (Great Big Sea fans) I have ever spent a significant amount of time with. Where do these people come from? And why do they think they should fling themselves about in that way? It was strange.

Before the concert, we did some shopping in downtown Freeport. I got one darn-snazzy hundred-dollar bag at Wilson Leather. I, however, did not pay $100.00. I, in fact, payed only 20% of that figure. Oh, yes. (And Dan got thirty-dollar underwear, for which he paid but a percentage.)

At around midnight Dan and I went to the pond at the campground where we could see lots of sky (do Mainers realize how lucky they are to have so many stars?), and we watched the Perseid meteor shower. We brought a blanket to lie on, but as soon as I covered up with the wavy granny afghan, I was out. Dan said he saw about a dozen shooting stars while I slept.

We looked at three apartments yesterday (two in one complex and one in a private house). The complex apartments were gorgeous and cheap, but they don't have washer/dryer hookup. The private house also doesn't have hookups, but it was bigger and pretty cheap (probably because it was crooked and dingy). We're looking at another apartment this evening and more in the same complex this week.

Bender is nearly done. Here he is with no arms (which he now has), hangin' with the rest of his pals on the back of the couch:
(L to R): Bunny, hotdog, bee, Bender.

I love this new skill more than you can know. I wish someone would pay me to sit at home and make toys all day.


Danielle A. said...

Isn't that what craft fairs and Etsy are for? I think you just found a good way to be a stay-at-home mom if you wanted to when you have kids. :)

Dan said...

It should be noted that I'm not some sort of extremely expensive underwear snob. They're synthetic ones I bought for hiking.

Shannon said...

Bunny is so adorable with his tiny eyes and floppy hair! I'm sorry I ever doubted his cuteness. :)

honeykbee said...

Those are ridiculously, ridiculously adorable. I want one of each!!