Monday, July 23, 2007

New stuff!

On Friday, I finally tried out a pattern from 200 Crochet Blocks. It's called tapestry crochet, a method that requires carrying strands of other colors inside the stitching in order to keep color changes clean and eliminate strands of yarn hanging out all over the place. It came out as a disappointing rectangle, but it's still pretty cool.
The "Baby Blocks" square.

On Saturday we went to IKEA. We stopped in Bedford for breakfast at what is hands-down the strangest Friendly's we've ever been to. We watched an old man steal all of the jelly packs from the little black jelly-holder. His sneaky method of taking a few, hiding the jelly-holder behind the stand-up waffle fries sign, and taking a few more a minute later showed he was no amateur. When all of those jellies were in the gift bag he had in his seat, he got up and switched his empty jelly-holder with the full jelly-holder from the table across the aisle. Then he stole most of those.

When Dan told our waitress that she might want to keep an eye on that fella, she just laughed. "Yeah, that's why we have to make sure we take the jelly off the table right at 11:00, or people come in and take them." So, I guess this happens all the time.

Then I used one of the two full ketchup bottles on our table. There was a crack in the side of the bottle, so ketchup glopped all over the place. But the food was tasty.

Then, on to IKEA. We spent almost a quarter of a thousand dollars on a TV stand, a yarn shelf, baskets for said shelf, a lamp, a night stand, a tea-light holder, tea lights, an art man, picture frames, an ice cube tray, a rug, and I think that's it. And we spent three more dollars on two drinks and two cinnamon buns!
Dan with all the loot.

Dan reorganized the living room, and it looks super cool! I cleaned the craft room and got rid of tons of stuff. I can't wait for the Aug. 25 S'n'B!

We still don't have DSL, so I'm stuck with the camera in my phone and emailing myself pictures for at-work blogging. Hopefully by this weekend the nerds will come and fix whatever problem we have.

Meanwhile, HP and the Something Something is in the trunk of Dan's car. He won't bring it in the apartment until he's finished re-reading HP 6. He thinks he's gonna make me re-read HP 6, too, but that's a waste of good reading time, I say.


Danielle said...

"A quarter of a thousand dollars" sounds like so much more money than "$250". I don't know why.

Whitney said...

When I first saw that picture, I thought Dan was wearing a muscle tee for a minute. I kind of wish it were true.