Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stash Augmentation

I even crocheted a bit before work this morning. I can't stop playing in all the new colors! I'm working on an afghan that never uses the same color twice [picture later], and I was getting nervous until last night.

But then... I got more yarn from Steve & Danielle! I went a little bonkers last night and stayed up quite a bit later than I should have. This weekend we're going to IKEA so I can get a shelf to hold my now mega-huge stash.

For dinner last night, Danielle made rotini with tomato-basil sauce and chicken sausage. I'm considering sneaking some of those links into Dan's food and tricking him into liking them so I can eat them all the time. Or I could ask him nicely to try them. They were so tasty.

Then we ran some birthday errands, of which I may not speak. And I got this grammar book for 2 bucks!

I had mucho fun hanging out with Danielle, and yesterday remained as awesome as it started!

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Danielle said...

I also had a great time hanging out last night. Thanks for coming along!!