Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sandwiches and Afghans

Three Thanksgivings ago, we spent the holiday with my cousin and her husband in Baltimore. In the guest bedroom/basement Dan and I found a show on TV called "Sandwiches You Will Like." We missed most of it, but what we saw was pretty rad.

Yesterday the whole program came from Netflix! We made some edamame for snacking, and I got out a notebook. I took notes the whole time so we're sure to go to the best sandwich joints on all our future vacations. I highly recommend this movie!

I learned how to make crochet flowers last night, and a tricky way of crocheting them together while making them. Got it from Happy Hooker.

And this morning I worked on the Wavy Granny for a half hour before leaving for work. It has about 25 different colors right now (three rows per color). It should have over 40 colors by the time it's done.
Wavy Granny.


Dan said...

The closest sandwich shop they featured is in Watertown! It's called Sepals and its a Palestinian restaurant with falafel that looked extremely tasty. Let's go this weekend!

Oops. Update. Sepal of Watertown has closed, but they moved to the MIT student center. I still say: let's go!

Danielle said...

The afghan is purty. :)