Wednesday, July 25, 2007


For the first time ever, I just completely gave up on a book. Reading Lolita in Tehran is without-a-doubt the most pointless book I have ever read. I was on page 238 of 343.

I tried to stick with it, but I can't waste any more valuable reading time. There are so many other books I can read (while I'm waiting for my turn with Harry), and many of them have a point! Many of them aren't painfully self-aware or one big ego-trip down a scattered Memory Lane with a dead end. Reading Lolita, for a while, was almost redeemable as a work of literary criticism, but there wasn't enough of that to save it.

The worst part? I paid full price for it! Dan was away, and I felt like buying a book. I narrowed the selection down to this book and The Bookseller of Kabul. I don't remember why I picked this one. I went home, excited about having a brand new book. Now I can't even sell it on Amazon because other people are selling it for 25 cents.

I'm sorry I bought it. I'm sorry I wasted all that money. But it's just not worth reading.

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Whitney said...

I was going to suggest posting it on so you could get something interesting instead, but then I looked and over 100 copies are already listed. Jeez!