Monday, July 30, 2007

New kitty!

We almost got a new kitty. Dan and I went to PetCo on Friday because the ferrets were starving. While Dan was paying for the inflated food (Marshall ferret food now costs more on sale than it did at regular price last time we bought it), I found abandoned kittens for adoption under a big sign that said "Pets In Need." After a lot of whining on the way home, Dan decided we could get one (if I would drive back to Nashua while he read Harry Potter 7)!

Turns out "Pets in Need" is a brand. And the kittens (Abandoned, people! These aren't even a fancy breed! Just regular ol' mutt-cats!) cost $150. I can't get behind that.

So no new kitty. But we were close as heck.

In other news, we saw The Simpsons Movie. It was so good I will see it again and buy the DVD.

We also went to the Lowell Folk Festival on Saturday night with Nathan and Priscila. It was a little too late to be little more than lame, but Dan and I went back on Sunday afternoon and had a good time. We got falafel wraps from an Arabic place (and I could read the menu!), and they were really good except they had too much bread, so we ripped most of it off and ate it with hummus and goat cheese later that night.

[Man, I want the internet back. I have all kinds of cool pictures, but it's such a hassle to get them here. We're thinking of canceling our service completely and just waiting until we move. Oh! That reminds me! We got a letter from a banker! We're on the road to pre-approval and a mortgage. But we'll probably rent one more time, save some money, and take our time looking at our options. We found a freakin' sweet condo in downtown Lowell yesterday, which we can actually afford, and I want it. I want it now.]

Meanwhile, there are still 6,746 people in front of me in line for a Ravelry invitation. I check Shannon's from time to time, too, because I'm evil. Turns out Ravelry is evil, too, because when I checked her status, this is what it said:
  • Ha! There are only 446 people ahead of Shannon in line. She's better than you, sucka!
I'm reconsidering whether I want to be part of this knit and crochet community. Not really. I want to so bad.


Danielle said...

You know what would make a great pet - a hedgehog. :)

Just kidding... not cool about the "Pets in Need" though. The SPCAs have cats in real need cheaper than that. :)

ben said...

Ubu just said something about cats being better than ferrets, but I couldn't quite hear him. You know how he mumbles incoherently.

He also says $150 for legalized slavery of nobility is worthy of death for pitiful humans. One day, he says, catkind will rule humans and sell you for $1.50 each.

PS Advice: if you guys can get pre-approved for a mortgage, start looking around at houses/condos to buy NOW. It's a GREAT time to buy due to the market being in a slump. For instance, there's a condo in our place not selling and it's cheap - been on the market a few months now. Besides, a mortgage is usually cheaper than renting, and you get to use all that cash on your next place instead of throwing it to a landlord.

Kimberly Pye said...

...but then there are condo fees...

And the market will probably be in even more of a slump (and we'll be in less of one) in about a year.