Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mad at Blogger

I typed a crazy-long blog yesterday about our fabulous trip to Maine with Nathan and Priscila. Trust me - I clicked "Save Now" about five times so I could add pics when I got home. Now the blog is nowhere to be found. I am angry. See Dan's post instead, I guess. (I'll do a special Rocky-specific post later.)

Since I can steal this picture from li'l brudder's Facebook, I'll post it. My brother found a car in the woods by my parents' camp. We got inside. I managed to avoid cutting my butt on the glass on the de-cushioned seat springs! (There's a tree growing through the front end.)

In weirder news: today is day 5 of right-nostril nose spasms. The spasms spread to my right [face] cheek a little this morning, too.

Update 7/24/07: The long blog isn't missing after all. Apparently I wrote it in Dan's blog, to which I am a contributor. He found it saved in his drafts today. I have since asked him to delete that entry and remove me as a contributor.

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