Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy (belated) Wedding to you!

I finally gave Steve and Danielle Athanas their wedding present.* Surprise! It was the Super Secret Project (notice its absence on the WIP list!), and they had no idea (so they say)!

[Insert picture of FO as soon as we get our stupid DSL back.]

They seemed to like it enough. I did end up liking it when it was all done, but man did I think it was ugly and want to quit and start all over sometimes. Mostly because I just get like that in the middle of big projects. Did it with my first afghan, too. But now I love both of them.

This is my second finished one. (But note the two others in progress. The Wavy Granny will be done in a couple months, I imagine.)

This is the first time I've spent so much time on a project for someone else, though. I made a quilt for someone about a year ago, but that wasn't nearly as labor-intensive as this baby. Deliberately making someone a project like this forces the crafter to think about the recipient, I've found. (This makes sense, doesn't it? If you know all the time you're spending hooking and looping is for someone else, you think about why you're giving it away, what the recipient will say, etc.). So I spent a lot of time thinking about Steve and Danielle, their wedding, their marriage, and where the yarn came from.

So here's to Steve and Danielle! (Sorry the present was so late.) May you have a long, happy marriage!

*I finished it about 15 minutes before they showed up at my apt. this evening. Phew! Photo finish!

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Danielle said...

We DO love the afghan! It's beautiful, and it IS in Steve's 2 favorite colors. :)

Thank you so much!!!!! :) And no, we really did have no idea. I don't know what Steve thought the super-secret project was, but I thought it was related to last night being our "evaluation" point. :)