Friday, June 08, 2007

Then and Now

Things I Used to Like, but Now I Don't:

1. ReadyMade Magazine. It used to be cool (the first issue explained how to make record bowls), but now one has to be super rich and have access to insane things in order to make anything in there.

2. Sardines. I used to eat pieces of them when my dad had them. I just can't do that anymore.

3. High fructose corn syrup. I didn't consciously like it, but I didn't care if I ate it. Now I do.

Things I Used to Hate, but Now I Like:

1. Harry Potter. I was violently opposed to such crappy reading; now I'm pretty sure we've got a classic on our hands.

2. Green beans. Even the canned ones.

3. Reggaetón. It's not just for drug dealers in Hummers.

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