Friday, June 15, 2007

The results are in:

From all the silly surveys I've taken, this one was no different. I didn't fall into one particular category, or even two or three. My points are pretty evenly distributed, and I think I like it that way. (And don't even get me started on the poor grammar I had to suffer throughout the test-taking process!)

Ascetic: 16
Naturalist: 15
Intellectual: 15
Traditionalist: 14
Contemplative: 14
Caregiver: 13
Activist: 12
Sensate: 11
Enthusiast: 10

What about the person who feels close to God when he's using the special skills God gave him? Or the one who is close to God when he's reading typically non-Christian literature or looking at non-Christian art, but sees God in the beauty of the human mind?

Final thought: I didn't like that test.


Danielle said...

I scored very high in Caregiver, compared to the rest.

I guess I wasn't shocked, and don't know if I needed the test to tell me that. :)

Shannon said...

Hey, you have a blog!
I agree that the survey (and generally ones like it) included silly questions, but do I really like the fact that we are talking about the many ways people can seek God. Here's my thing: since I'm an artist, must I be a sensate? I actually scored high in Intellectual, and like Danielle I wasn't really surprised. Artists aren't one-dimensional, man!

Kimberly Pye said...

I agree you don't have to be a sensate! (Not surprised you "turned out" to be an intellectual.) This series will be good for helping people not to judge others based on "what" people are (artist, teacher, engineer), but will hopefully show people (based on their own results) that sometimes we connect with God in ways that are not part of our typical routine.

I hope the church actually starts fostering diversity in seeking God at the church, rather than just talking about how people can do it at home. I will be quite disappointed, though not surprised, if it does remain a personal endeavor.