Friday, June 22, 2007

Evidence that humans can be ridiculous:

1. Lawrence Small gets unlimited vacation days, and he used some of them to make more money.

2. Some people go to (Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment Corporation) instead of, and then they have the gumption to write mean letters to the people at The poor guys have had to spend tons of money on extra server space and legal fees. (Be nice; don't go to their website. Listen to the story instead.) Google (owner of isn't being very accommodating, which is very disappointing.

I had to hear this on the way home from a long day at work yesterday. But I felt better when I got home to find a clean house and dinner on the table. Dan makes super duper Thai noodles with chicken and sesame seeds.

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Benjamin Bustard said...

People are stupid. Read my new blog, it's poorly written and will probably make you more mad... maybe you shouldn't.